Joyful Anticipation
Helps You Create The Future You Want

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

Joyful anticipation locks in your desired results. It's hard to jump straight to that place of excited expectation, but everybody can relate to hoping and wishing.

No matter how good or how bad things might be, you always have something you would wish and hope for. Let's figure out how to get from wishing and hoping to anticipating with optimism and joy.

Joyful Anticipation

Why Do You Hope & Wish For Better?

Because that's how we are designed. Your mind and heart naturally seek better, and better. Nobody knows why, it's just the way we are...and it's a good thing.

You want more and better because...

  1. You are good by nature. Your inner essence is bright and beautiful.

  2. While you may not realize it, you want to make the world a better place. That's why the human species evolves to higher and higher levels.

  3. You have gifts, and you secretly long to offer them to the world. While we go in a myriad of different directions in the process of expressing them, everyone has something of value to offer.

Secretly, you know this is true. You may be disappointed with your actual results in life...or not, but the fact remains that you have always had dreams and desires to make a positive difference in the world.

Start Your Day With Goodfinding & Positive Intention

How Do You Move From Hope To Joyful Anticipation?


Your mind is always busy with something, so why not put all that valuable mental energy to a good purpose creating exactly what you most want in life?

There's the do you get to joyful anticipation from simple hoping and wishing? You'll see the steps in the above concentric circle diagram, but let's go into them further here.

  1. It all starts with hoping and wishing. Many of us live there a lot of the time, and it's certainly a better place than hopelessness or cynicism.

  2. The first step to take from there is developing a positive expectation. Start small, with something you're pretty sure is going to happen. Then stretch yourself a little farther by considering the positive possibilities that lie ahead of you. Be specific and clear about what you're considering.

  3. Now think about all of the wonderful things...even miraculous things...that have happened to you and others you know of. Extend your heart and mind into faith and optimism that your positive expectations will be fulfilled, with self talk like, "Good things are coming my way. My expectations will be fulfilled in the way I imagine or even in some better way."

  4. This is where you begin stepping into joyful anticipation of your desired outcomes. Imagine how happy and fulfilled you will be when your hopes and expectations are fulfilled. Picture it in your mind, and say to yourself, "I am so looking forward to these and more wonderful things that are coming to me."

This is an excellent activity for your brilliant, creative mind. These are steps you can take every day, and throughout your day, to remain focused on the thoughts and images that are a match to the highest and best of who you are.

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This mental process of looking forward and trying to manage the future in your mind is a fascinating one. Read these quotes on anticipation to see what others have to say on this subject.

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