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On this page, you'll find quotes about happiness organized into these categories:

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  • At work
  • In your friendships
  • In your family

Most of the quotes come from me, William DeFoore, but we'll also include great quotes from other folks as well.

Quotes About Happiness

Quotes About Happiness At Home
by William DeFoore

"Your home is your heart's work of art."

"Your home is your haven, your place of rejuvenation and regeneration."

"The more love and care you give to your home, the more it will serve your needs as a place of rest, relaxation and pleasure."

"Your home is the hub of your most important relationships, and the more love and appreciation you pour into it the better."

"Your home is your headquarters and your heartquarters, where you nurture your creativity and your journey of self discovery."

Everybody wants to be happy at home, and yet home is one of the main places in life where we get into ruts and take things (and people) for granted. Practice your Goodfinding skills at home every day, so that you can stay in a mode of appreciation for what you have.

A Great Story Of Love & Kindness At Work

Quotes About Happiness At Work
By William DeFoore

"There is good to find in every job or work situation, and when you find it, everything will get just a little better."

"If you decide to make your corner of the world a better place, everyone around you will benefit."

"Your employers, employees and co-workers are your internal customers, and the better you treat them the better your work experience will be."

"Be mindful, be present, and make every second count in even the most mundane of tasks."

"Your work is what you make it, and you can make it good by focusing on everything of value, however small it may be."

Most people spend more time working than doing anything else. It's far too often associated with drudgery, where you're dreading Monday, glad for hump day on Wednesday and as the work week ends, you're saying "Thank goodness it's Friday!"

You don't have to live your life like this, wishing away about three fourths of it. Whether you love your work or  not, it will help you to focus on what is good, right and working about the people, the process and the overall situation.

Goodfinding at work will raise your energy level, lower your stress, and help you get along more successfully with everyone you work with.

Quotes About Happiness

Quotes About Happiness With Your Friends
By William DeFoore

"Your friends are your chosen family."

"Friendship and how you do it is pure choice, no obligation or duty."

"Your friendships reflect how you feel about yourself. Enhance your friendships by focusing on your relationship with yourself."

"Celebrate and appreciate your friends exactly as they are, and watch them evolve into to the wonderful souls they were born to be."

"Make lots of friends easily, and cherish a few as treasures of the greatest value."

The best way to be happy with your friends is to love them exactly as they are without wanting them to change. If change and growth does happen, it will happen because of love and acceptance, not judgment and criticism.

Enjoy the diversity of your friends. Think of and focus on the many unique qualities, and the quirkiness of each one.  Then focus on your own unique qualities and quirkiness...maybe that's exactly what they love about you!

Quotes About Happiness In Your Family
By William DeFoore

"Family teaches us the grace to love and appreciate people we might not choose as friends."

"A family is made up of totally unique individuals with their own personal goals and life purpose."

"Find the distance or closeness from which you can love each member of your family. It's all about love."

"Accept and appreciate each person in your family exactly as they are, so that they can blossom and grow."

"A loving family celebrates each child's independence and moving away as much as they celebrate the joyful returning visits."

Your family gives you such an amazing opportunity for growth and love. It is often a surprising mix of folks that otherwise would not end up together, and that's a very good thing.

Use the uniqueness and variety of your family as a chance to stretch your love muscle!

Quotes About Happiness In General
By William DeFoore

"Never underestimate the power of your smile. Smiling is an act of kindness, and it sends a message of 'all is well' to all who see you, and even to the depths of your own sensitive heart."

"There is always more to appreciate than time to think of it. Slow down, breathe, and look around you with an appreciative eye. This brings you closer to your true loving nature."

"Yesterday, all over the world, kind and good-hearted people quietly went about the business of doing the right thing. Inventors worked hard and long to create new devices designed to make our world safe and healthy. Health care professionals worked to improve our health, teachers did their best to teach our children, and entertainers looked for ever new ways to spark our joy, excitement and passion."

"When you were a child, your life was in many ways somebody else's creation. As an adult, you are the artist, author and authority who decides what you create. The medium you use to paint the tapestry of your life comes from the rich diversity of your experience. You get to pick and choose which colors and textures to use."

"Your future stands before you as a blank canvas. Your life ahead does not depend entirely on the life behind you. Dip deep into the storehouse of your emotional memory and select the good, heart-warming and awe-inspiring colors and spread them in broad brush-strokes across your next moment, hour, day, week, month and year."

I hope you've enjoyed these quotes about happiness. It's all about helping you to feel good, because that is what takes you closer to the incredibly wise and strong person you truly are and were born to be.

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