Catch It In The Moment

by Lauren
(King's Langley )

My Beautiful Joey

My Beautiful Joey

Dogs communicate their love in ways that transcend words. It’s in the excited wag of their tail when you walk through the door, the gentle nuzzle when you’re feeling down, or the protective stance they take when they sense you’re in danger.

This unspoken language of love is powerful, and as I have become a photographer, my understanding of dogs has really grown, especially since my dog Joey came into the world on August 14, 2009. I was at my cousin's funeral at the time, and my mum got a call from her friend who was looking after my dog, Coco. Coco was pregnant at the time, and I was so excited to finally hear that she had given birth to three beautiful puppies. I rushed out to my dad to tell him the news of the newest members of our family. I couldn't wait to meet them all when I got home.

The very first one I laid eyes on was a golden brown little boy with three white socks on his paws and a pure white chest. He still had his eyes shut. I waited until the day he opened them and wanted to be the first person he laid eyes on. Since then, he's been my best friend. I named him Joey after my cousin, who died of cancer. His name was Joe, so Joey was a fitting name for him.

Joey has been my lucky charm and inspiration throughout my life. He's always been there through the bad times and the good times, and I couldn't thank him enough. I have built a beautiful company inspired by him and have written some amazing books. One is called Catch It in the Moment about my pet photography journey, and the other is an adventure story about my dogs that go on a fantastic adventure to save the biggest jungle. In the world, it's called the adventures of the Benmore dogs.

I have had so many more achievements, but my proudest one to date is building my very own photography studio. I spent 4 years working on it with my dad, and it's finally finished at Christmas 2024.

Unfortunately, Joey passed away on January 4th of this year. I miss him so much, but he will forever be in my heart. I want to continue his life throughout my pet photography journey and make him proud of me just as much as he always wanted to make me proud. I visit his grave every day. I still want him to be part of my life, and Sky, his best friend, does too. He curled up with her the night he died. Sky was his best friend throughout his years on this earth.

I'm hoping to achieve many more goals this year, and I know Joey will always be my lucky charm looking down at me. Joey will continue to live on throughout my pet photography journey with catch it in the moment. I have a wonderful pet photography studio originally that was a broken old barn. Now it's a beautiful place to create and inspire others. Catch it in the moment!

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