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Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

Life is hard, and encouragement quotes can help you keep on keeping on. We all need it, and we need to give it as well.

Encouraging other people will help you as much as receiving encouragement yourself. When you give this type of support, you are accessing and activating the best of who you are.

When you encourage, you are finding the good in the person you're encouraging. That effort of Goodfinding is beneficial to everyone.

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Most of these encouragement quotes are original by me, William DeFoore. You will also find some great quotes from others, such as the one above, interspersed throughout the page.

First, let's look at encouragement as it affects the person being encouraged.

The Benefit Of Encouragement Quotes
By William DeFoore

"Encouragement says I believe in you."

"Encouragement of the right people at the right time can create genius."

"When you encourage someone, you bless them with courage."

"Encouragement instills hope and optimism for positive outcomes in the future."

"Encourage the people  you believe in, and you become a champion to their cause."

You offer such a powerful gift when you offer support and encouragement. The opportunity to do this is more frequent and abundant than you might imagine.

Watch carefully for opportunities to uplift and support the people in your life, and the more you do it the easier it will get.

Quotes On Encouragement

The Power Of Encouragement To Children
By William DeFoore

"Children light up from inside when you encourage them."

"Be a positive influence. Encourage the people you love."

"Encourage a child, and you promote her/his advancement and progress."

"Encourage, uplift, inspire and motivate the people you believe in, and you will be a part of their achievement."

"When you encourage a child, you are giving them trust, confidence and enthusiasm for moving ahead."

Support and motivation offered to a child is an investment in our future. This is such an important part of being a fully aware, responsible adult.

These encouragement quotes are designed to encourage you to be an encourager. Get up every morning and plan to encourage by rehearsing it in your mind.

Encouragement Quotes

How Encouraging Others Benefits You
By William DeFoore

"One of the best things you can do for yourself is to encourage someone."

"You were born to be an encourager. When you are encouraging others, you are coming from the very best part of yourself."

"Back the people you believe in."

"Be a positive influence on the world around you. Encourage what you like with so much enthusiasm that you don't have time to complain about what you don't like."

"Fortify, encourage and embolden the actions that inspire you, and you will see your dreams become reality."

"To authentically encourage others, you must feel inspired yourself."

You might say that encouragement is an inside job, meaning it starts with you, the encourager. The best thing to do is just get started encouraging others, and it will feel more and more authentic and natural the more you do it.

Now let's look at some encouragement quotes about how you can encourage, uplift and motivate yourself.

Quotes On Encouragement

Quotes For Encouraging Yourself
By William DeFoore

"Life is challenging, for all of us. We need to encourage and be encouraged to move through it with confidence and energy."

"Invigorate yourself with encouraging self talk, and watch your stress level out and go away."

"Create positive pressure with encouragement for the initiatives that inspire you."

"Enliven your life. Offer encouragement to yourself for all you want to accomplish."

"Encouragement will inspire you to hang in there with all your goals, desires and future dreams."

You just can't say enough good about encouragement. Just get started as soon as possible. And enjoy more encouragement quotes.

You will find it
very natural and easy to do this for yourself and others. It is your nature to be kind and to support the people around you. That's just the way you are.

Now watch this inspiring short video, and "Be The Hero Of Your Own Movie!"

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