Encouragement Words
To Inspire, Uplift And Motivate You

These encouragement words will help you to appreciate your one-of-a-kind gifts and talents. Life can be daunting and discouraging, so we all need to be encouraged and inspired along the way.

The positive, motivational statements you will find on this page are yours to use for your own personal benefit. Write them down, or copy and paste them into your phone or tablet, to remind yourself throughout  your day.

The main message you will receive here is that you are far more powerful, creative and brilliant than you have ever imagined. The more you believe in yourself, the greater these assets become, and the better they will work for you.

Self Love

Encouragement Words For Self Care
By William DeFoore

"Taking excellent care of yourself--body, mind, emotion and spirit is highly practical, because it means simply and powerfully that everyone you meet and spend time with gets more love, wisdom, energy, creativity and joy in your presence."

"It is literally true that the better you feel, the better off the world is for you being in it. So it's your job to make sure you're having fun and feeling good. Loving yourself and having a good time is the kindest, most unselfish choice you can make."

"Maintain your body/mind vehicle, tune your heart strings, and keep your mind healthy and open. The best gift you can give to those you love is to love and care for yourself."

"Consider for a moment that you're not broken or flawed, therefore not in the need of fixing. See yourself with the eyes of loving compassion, and imagine that you are caring deeply for your own complex and unique soul."

"Pay attention to your mental diet. Be aware of the information, perspectives and viewpoints that you "consume" on a daily basis. Your mental diet needs to feed your enthusiasm for life, and give you the inspiration to move ahead toward the future you choose."

Learning to love and care for yourself is one of the most rewarding challenges you will face in life. It is so much easier to focus on others, and the entire world around you.

When you take care of yourself, your rewards are:

  • More energy
  • More enthusiasm for life
  • More motivation to get up and exercise your body
  • More inspiration to take that next best step to improve your life and relationships

Don't hesitate...get started maintaining your body/mind vehicle now!

Power Of Smiles

Encouragement Words For Fabulous Relationships
By William DeFoore

"Take some time and write about each friend and family member, one by one, focusing only on what you admire, respect, love and appreciate about them. Think of their good heart, the moments when their defenses were down and you could see who they really are. Use this opportunity to see the best in them, and activate the best in you."

"Think of those who love (or have loved) you unconditionally. Imagine what it is like to see yourself through their eyes. Take some time with this...it's not easy or automatic. Write down the words and phrases they would use to describe you. If they were to speak to your heart from theirs, what would they say?"

"Look for the secret smile in everyone you meet. Wake yours up and bring it right out onto your face. That's what the other smiles are looking for, waiting for, longing for."

"Ask your friends and family, 'What were the high points of your day?' Listen, enjoy, and share your own. Other variations on this are, 'What went your way today?' and 'What's the good news?'"

"Try to see yourself through the eyes of those who love and adore you. Your spouse, your best friend, your mother or father, your cat or your dog--whoever it is that sees you as amazing and absolutely fabulous."

We all need encouragement words when it comes to relationships. This is where you have the greatest love, the greatest pain, and the greatest frustration.

Your desire to belong is tremendous, profound, and with you from birth. These quotes will help you connect, communicate better and increase your sense of belonging.

Self Responsibility

Encouragement Words On Self Appreciation
By William DeFoore

"You are brilliant, gifted and compassionate. Your blessings and opportunities far outweigh your obstacles and difficulties. There are people very near you who want to help you reach all of your goals."

"Your personal assets include everything that is good, right and working about your body, mind and relationships--as well as your skills and abilities, talents, interests and passions."

"The world of self-appreciation is a vast and beautiful realm, that holds gifts beyond measure for you and everyone who knows you."

"If you could catch but one small glimpse of the magnificence and grace of who you really are, you would indeed be in awe."

"There is consciousness in every cell of your organism, intelligence in your heart, and absolute genius in your 'gut feelings.' Take a moment and contemplate your worth, and see yourself in the best possible light."

When something appreciates in the business world, it means it goes up in value, so when you appreciate yourself, you add to your value.

The more value you hold for yourself, the more likely you will be to take care of yourself and create a happy healthy life with fulfilling relationships.


Encouragement Words To Get Through The Tough Times
By William DeFoore

"This too shall pass. When problems arise, remember that they will pass, and look forward to feeling better. And when good times arise, however large or small...savor and prolong them, and make them last as long as you possibly can."

"You have everything you need to get through whatever life brings you. Your hope, faith and optimism are your greatest and most powerful tools to get through the dark nights."

"Be your own champion, coach and ally. Tell yourself that you're going to be okay, and that things will work out better than you expect. Reassure and comfort yourself, as if you were your own best friend."

"All is well. Good things are happening, even when you can't see them. Expect and look forward to things getting better, and that will speed up your return to where you want to be."

"Grieving is an act of love. Embrace grief when it comes, and always, always, remember the love."

Words Of Encouragement From An Optimistic Statistician

For more encouragement words and help with grieving, learn about the stages of grief. Remember, above all else, that you are far more powerful than you imagine, and there is far more good in this world than you have ever dreamed of.

Whatever you want, and whatever you're  facing, you can succeed. Get more positive, encouraging quotes in the Daily Goodfinding emails.

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