How To Find True Happiness
When You Milk, Savor & Stretch The Good

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

You can find true happiness any time, anywhere, no matter what. And you'll learn the steps to do just that right here in this article.

How can that be? Well, one simple reason...happiness is an inside job, and you don't have to wait for something great to happen outside you before you're happy.

There is always something good within your reach. The more you practice looking for and finding it, the more you will find, and the happier you will become.

Now we're going to look at how you can find true happiness by milking, savoring and stretching the good...from your past, in your present moment, and in your future.

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Find True Happiness In Days Gone By

You have a literal gold mine of fun, happy, uplifting & heartwarming experiences to milk, savor and stretch. Practice your positive nostalgia now by reviewing and reminiscing about those good times.

Here are some ways to come up with those happy memories:

  • Think of times in your childhood when you felt carefree, innocent and playful. Dive deep into those memories and drink in the joy.

  • Recall moments of adventure and exploration, when you broke the rules, or just did something you'd never done before. 

  • Honor the memories of those rare individuals who loved you unconditionally. It's usually grandparents, aunts or uncles that were the best at that.

  • Spend some time revisiting the moments when you felt truly successful. Milk, savor and stretch those feelings, and allow them to literally drench your mind and soul.

Hang out with each and every one of these memories. Pay attention to all of the details, and activate all of your senses as you review them one by one.

Other milestones to hang these memories on include places you lived, bikes and cars you owned, towns you lived in, boyfriends & girlfriends, best travel experiences, favorite birthdays, holidays, etc.

Find true happinessTrue Happiness Is As Close As This Dog To The Girl

Find True Happiness Right Here And Now

What is good, right and working right now? There's always more right than wrong in you, your relationships, and your world. Don't let your problem-focused brain (we all have one of those...) keep you from seeing the beauty, blessings and benefits within and around you.

To find true happiness here and now, in this present moment, take these steps (set aside your critical mind for a moment):

  • Appreciate your mind and body. Focus only on the aspects you love and treasure. And for those parts you're not so crazy about, appreciate them for the effort they're making!

  • Appreciate your best friends and most loved family members. Milk, savor and stretch those good feelings by thinking about all of the value these dear ones bring into your life. Again, focus only on what you like and love and respect about them.

  • Milk and savor the value in your possessions. Look at all of the devices, vehicles, technology, structures and art that you possess, and contemplate the convenience and opportunity they provide for you.

  • Finally, spend a moment appreciating all of the hard work, creativity, love and innovation of your fellow human beings. They're out there, all day every day, doing their part to make the world a better place for you and me.

This is a valuable resource available to you all of the time. Set aside some time for your daily Goodfinding journaling, and make it a habit. You will reap rewards in health and happiness that are beyond your expectations.

Find True Happiness In Your Future

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This is where you get to start creating your own future outcomes...the stretching part. It's all about the power of your mind to create focused vision that generates emotion and motivates action.

Whatever it is you're wanting, picture it, imagine it, feel it, create it in your mind in as much detail as possible. Now stretch it...extend it as far as you can in as many directions as you can think of.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Think about what you want...better health, closer relationships, more happiness, more energy, more money. 

  • Think about how great you'll feel when you have what you want. Will you look different? Will you hold your head higher, smile more, be more relaxed?

  • Think about all of the things you'll be able to do, all the things you'll choose to do. Stretch and extend this so that you're soaring, breaking free of limitations. Don't hold back.

  • Then let it go, relax, and breathe. Do something easy and pleasant. Assume that you'll get what you want, or something even better. And let go.

The more you practice this, the better it will feel. Be sure you do all three of these processes...milk and savor goodness from your memories of the past, milk, savor and stretch the goodness that is here and now, and stretch all of the goodness that lies ahead of you.

You can find true happiness. It is natural to who you are, and it's your destiny. Make up your brilliant mind and your good heart that you will reach your goals, and you will.

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