Guided Imagery Scripts
To Promote Self Love And Emotional Healing

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

Guided imagery scripts help you to access and utilize the powerful benefits of your brilliant subconscious mind. The special script we're offering here is designed to introduce you to your inner child, which is the best possible way to work directly with your subconscious processes.

In this program, Dr. DeFoore guides you on a journey of self-empathy, self-compassion and self healing. Using professionally developed affirmations and visualization processes, he will help you overcome emotional issues and move powerfully and positively toward the joy and well being you so greatly desire.

Images of your inner child provide you with a way to connect with your inner world of joy, creativity and exuberant enthusiasm. They will also guide you to healing for your fear, anxiety and sorrow.

Be sure and select the link above to get your imagery script and get started now toward accessing and increasing your happiness and well being.

You will find this program easy to follow, and highly beneficial to you in every aspect of your life, including higher self-esteem, happier relationships, and greater success in all that you do.

How Do Guided Imagery Scripts Work?

First, let's answer some do these scripts work, and why do they work? We'll answer these questions at the same time, and make sure you understand.

  • You've heard the saying, "A picture's worth a thousand words," and that's why imagery is so much more powerful than simply talking or thinking about something.
left brain right brainLeft And Right Brain Hemispheres
  • Imagery uses your right brain, which connects with and controls emotions much more than the left brain.
  • When you picture something, especially if it has emotion associated with it, the impact is much like an actual physical experience. In other words, your brain doesn't really distinguish between real and imagined events if the imagined events have enough of the right components.
  • Behavior changes are much more likely to follow imagery exercises than discussion or conversation.

Ultimately, the power of imagery to effect change in your body, mind and behavior are almost unlimited. The imagery exercises you will learn in your free guided imagery scripts, for example, will enable you to overcome many difficulties and move more effectively to the high levels of health and happiness you so greatly desire.

Learn How Inner Child Imagery Can Help You Overcome Anxiety

What Are The Benefits Of Guided Imagery?

When you use these tools regularly, you will be able to go beyond your expectations in self management and self improvement.

Here are a few of the benefits you will gain:

  • A greater sense of calm and inner peace in all that you do.
  • More ability to concentrate and focus on things that really matter to you.
  • A deep sense of self love and self confidence, making it easier for you to accomplish even the most challenging of tasks.
  • Greater empathy for others resulting from more self understanding and self compassion, which have been shown to result in higher levels of happiness in a wide variety of research studies on happiness.

To get a sense of what we're talking about here, listen to this preview below of the audio program that your free imagery scripts came from.

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Be sure you learn about the many different types of guided imagery scripts, and all that they can do for you!

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