Build Your Optimism
And Use It Successfully To Reach Your Goals

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

Optimism is a tremendous resource inside you, just waiting for you to discover its gifts and put them into action. Your mind is always looking back at the past or forward into the future...with occasional brief stopoffs in the present.

When you choose an optimistic perspective, you're deliberately looking forward to good things ahead of you, and that has such huge benefit that we cannot list them all here...but we're going to try.

We're going to look at types and benefits, but first take a look at this overview of benefits...

Benefits Of Optimism

Two Kinds Of Optimism

                Planning Positive Events

  • Put fun on your schedule
  • Plan time with upbeat, enjoyable friends
  • Plan positive exercise and eating experiences
  • Enjoy the anticipation of feeling good

              Projecting The Future You Want

  • Picture and imagine the kind of day you want
  • Imagine yourself feeling good & having fun
  • Look forward to feeling good after exercise
  • Anticipate feeling good about what you eat

So, you've probably guessed this, but when you're planning positive events, you're making dates, setting appointments and scheduling specific activities. This is where you're taking specific physical action to create meetups and events to your liking.

When you're projecting the future you want, however, you're using the incredible power of your mind to imagine and visualize what you want to happen. This is where you're actively creating the reality you want to experience.

I encourage you to use both of these practices regularly, preferably as part of your journaling practice. Remember...your mind is always planning, projecting and make it work in your favor!

The Benefits Of Optimism

Studies show consistently that individuals with a positive, upbeat outlook have better heart health, greater longevity and experience more positive than negative emotions.

In addition to the wonderful benefits listed in the chart above, let's look at some specific ways that an optimistic attitude helps you in your physical, mental and emotional well being.

  • Good for your mind - Your mind is always scanning past, present and future. The default approach to the future too often focuses on what could go wrong, things to worry about, etc. A deliberately optimistic focus corrects this fear-producing thought process, and brings encouragement, ease and excited anticipation instead. Research has also shown that a positive mental focus on the future can help to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Good for your body - Your body is listening to what your mind is saying, and responding powerfully to what you're experiencing in your emotions. When your mind is looking forward and seeing good things ahead, your emotions of anticipation and enthusiasm will be stronger, and your body will automatically stay healthier so that you can move into that positive future.
  • Good for your emotions - Your emotions will naturally be more positive, in response to your healthy body and optimistic mental outlook. When you practice Goodfinding, you can look forward to and expect greater joy, enthusiasm, excitement and exhilaration in your daily life.  To get powerfully lined up with these positive emotions, begin your inner journey of self discovery today.

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