Uplifting Videos
Remind You Of The Wonder Of Being You

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

You need uplifting videos like you need good food, fresh air and exercise. Make up your mind to watch them on a regular basis, and you will see the benefits in every aspect of your life.

Let's jump right in and watch one now. Make this the beginning of the life you choose for yourself!

Why Watch Uplifting Videos?

Finding inspiration on a daily basis is like filling your fuel tank before a road trip, or tuning your instrument before a musical performance.

There is a tremendous source of energy and enthusiasm within you, and it is connected with the very best of who you are. When you are uplifted and inspired, you tap directly into this powerful source inside, which is nothing less than your true, authentic nature.

Here some more benefits of daily doses of inspiration:

  • Your health is better. Your immune system works better when you're experiencing positive emotions. Learn how this ties in with strong social  connections.
  • You will be more open minded. It's true. When you feel uplifted by feelings of hope, love and excitement, you are more willing to listen and consider other people's viewpoints.
  • You will be smarter. When you are experiencing positive emotions, your body is more physically relaxed because your system is sending your brain an "all is well" message. Physical relaxation shuts down the reptilian fight-or-flight reflex caused by stress, allowing the higher brain functions to kick in.
  • You will be more successful. Think about it. To succeed in life, you need more than just positive emotions. However, without enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration, success just won't occur. When you feel enthusiastic and motivated, you will have the energy to keep going when others fall by the wayside...a key component to success.

Here's another great video that is right along these lines:

You Have Greatness Within You

uplifting videos

What if you knew with absolute certainty
, that you have great gifts to offer and brilliant contributions to make beyond what you have ever dreamed of?

Believing in this is the first step, and watching happy videos daily will help you get ready for this first step each day. Here are some more references to these uplifting, positive emotions that are probably very familiar to you:

  • "High spirited"
  • "Soaring"
  • "Enthused"
  • "Pumped"

When you have this kind of energy running through you, you are simply more likely to do the right thing and take the next best step.

If you're a sports fan, you know all about how coaches and cheerleaders like to get the team and its supporters fired up with excitement before a game. In many ways, your life is like an athletic event, and you need to get pumped up for the game every single day!

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Decide right now, and every day decide again, that you're going to bring your very best to your life. This will help you with everything you want in life. You've got what it takes to do this!

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