Positive Creativity Tools
To Set You Free Into Well Being & Happiness

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

Great creativity tools are key to virtually everything you want. You are creative by nature...we all are, but we each express our gifts and talents in completely unique, individual ways.

Your task is to access and give expression to your own particular, one-of-a-kind expression and creation.

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What Is Creativity?

Creativity is simply doing something that has never been done before. You can create beauty, great art, disaster or big messes...it's all creative if you've never done it before and you have not followed anyone else's guidelines in doing it.

Here are some more points to consider about the creative process:

  • It has nothing to do with impressing other people. You may think you're not very creative, but that's usually because you learned that in school or from somebody who just doesn't get how creativity comes with encouragement, not judgment and criticism.

  • It comes from your inner innovative self, not from anyone else. You are naturally creative, and the more you cultivate that within yourself with your positive creativity tools, the happier and more fulfilled you will be.

  • It takes energy and courage. The easiest thing is to just keep doing what you've always done, or to follow in someone else's footsteps. To be creative, you have to step out of the known into the unknown, from the familiar into the unfamiliar, and from the already done into the never done before.

  • Creative expression is renewing, healing, energizing and fulfilling, at its best. In many ways, it's why you're alive...to offer the unique contributions that only you can offer.

  • You will receive the greatest benefit when you like the results of what you create. But you're being creative regardless, as long as you're breaking new ground and charting previously uncharted territory.

Why Do Creativity Tools Matter?

They matter because you want to be happy and fulfilled in your life experience, and creativity tools are essential to achieving those highly desirable outcomes.

They matter because your creativity is directly connected to your purpose in life. When you create, you are drawing on the unique essence of your soul, and giving expression to the totally individual contribution that only you can make.

Here are some other perspectives:

  • You want to feel that your life matters. You want to count for something. It's in your nature as a human being.


In some ways, your creative expression is who you are. It's what make you you. Whether you know it or not, the world is anxiously awaiting the arrival of your gifts of unique self expression!

  • When you offer something unique and creative, you're providing your fingerprint on the landscape of life. The positive emotions you experience as a result give you peace of mind and a sense of well being.
  • Research such as that found in The Nun Study has shown that creative expression may help to prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's Disease. Interestingly, this study also showed that positive emotions were significant in those less prone to brain decline...so your Goodfinding practices will fall right into place here.

  • While creative expression can be daunting, intimidating and sometimes downright frightening, it can also be incredibly fun, renewing and energizing. It is worth going for, and the creativity tools you will learn here will help you get through the hard parts to those tasty rewards.

You're always creating something, whether you realize it or not. If you don't agree, then you're successfully creating the illusion that you're not creative.

You are actually the co-creator of your own reality, and when you accept that responsibility completely, you will begin to experience a totally new level of freedom and opportunity.

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What Creativity Tools Do I Need?

The good news is that you already have the tools you need, and now you're going to learn how to make the best possible use of them.

Since you (we all) are a natural-born creator, the first step to using these tools is about accepting that fact...you are creative by nature. And it's actually no big deal, and perhaps the biggest deal of all.

Here are your tools:

  • Knowledge and understanding of what creativity is, and that it has nothing to do with impressing other people. You're gaining this knowledge and understanding right now, by reading this web page.

  • The guts to give it a try...whatever it is. The courage to try dancing, singing, painting, knitting, playing a musical instrument, cooking, gardening, web design or...you name it. Seek out regular words of encouragement that get you up and engaged in your chosen activity, and then just keep going.

The question is not whether you're creative or not. The question is, what are you creating right now?

  • Resources for inspiration. Creativity takes energy, and that energy has to come from inspiration, or it just won't keep going through the tough spots. These happy videos will help, and you'll get new ones in your inbox every day when you sign up for Daily Goodfinding Quotes.

  • Skills for accessing energy and enthusiasm. Time in nature, meditation, reading, viewing art, listening to music are all essential methods for getting the creative juices flowing. Time alone is also usually necessary, so that you are left to your own creative devices without the influence of others.

These Great Creators' Stories Will Inspire You!

Accept that there is something beautiful, unique and exquisite inside you, waiting for you to find a way to express it. Then make up your mind that nothing will stop you from bringing it to the light of the day.

For games, techniques and exercises that will enhance your repertoire of creativity tools, check out this wonderful resource.

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