How To Find Happiness
By Practicing These Six Easy Steps

Authored by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

When you find happiness, it's not because it was outside you, or because you misplaced it. You will find it rising up from inside you, when you train your mind to follow these basic guidelines.

That's good news. Happiness is just as available to you as your other emotions of anxiety, frustration and excitement. It does require more effort, however, because your default brain functions take you in the direction of the negative emotions, and to generate the positive emotions requires intentional effort and practice.

But it's worth it! Let's get started.

Find Happiness In All Of The Good Things

Think about many good things are right there, all of the time, just waiting and wondering if you're going to notice them.

Don't leave them lonely and disappointed...look around and notice and smile at all of the little things that make your life better. I promise you that it will help you raise your happiness level!

Here are your first three steps:

find happiness
  1. Take a few minutes each day, and throughout the day, whenever you want to increase your happiness, to notice and appreciate all of the little things that you would otherwise take for granted. Start with conveniences, then move on to luxuries like nice furniture, your devices, and artwork. The idea here is to take nothing for granted.
  2. Now expand your vision to include the bigger, more substantial good things, that you once hoped for, worked for, and how have. For example, appreciate the healing you have experienced from getting through all of the ailments you have had. Be grateful for your home, your vehicles, and for those dear souls in your life that love you.
  3. Then cast your eyes into your future, and think of all of the things you have to look forward to. Start simple, like dinner, time with friends and family, then expand into bigger things like vacations, that promotion or raise at work and other enjoyable and uplifting events that are coming.

These methods work...if and only if you use them! Try it, right now, and you'll feel a little better. And the more you practice these skills, the stronger you will become in generating and maintaining a happy state of mind!

Talk It Up!

After spending some time focusing on these good things, be sure and talk to your friends and family about it. That will make the happiness stronger in you, and maybe (if they're smart...) they'll join in!

Find Happiness By Focusing On Solutions

You don't have to worry about focusing on problems, your brain's default problem-solving function will take care of that for you. It's automatic.

But if you just allow that to run all of the time, you will be far more stressed than you want or need to be. And, when you're under too much stress for too long, your problem-solving abilities are diminished, adding to your problems.'s how you train your brain to shift its focus to solutions, which will lower your stress, and increase your capacity for high functioning across the board.

find happiness
  1. Make a daily list of your biggest worries and/or concerns, especially those that are bothering you the most. Don't go into a lot of detail, just quick notes to identify what's stealing your joy.
  2. Identify solutions for each one of these, whether you think the solutions will occur or not. If you can't think of a solution, use the creative power of your imagination to come up with still works.
  3. Think of, meditate on, and vividly imagine all of the reasons these solutions are likely to come into place. Perhaps make a to-do list from this process. The point is, you have just moved from a potentially energy-draining problem-focused worry to a solution-based focus that will inspire you to positive action!

Remember, you are literally training your brain to follow a different path here, and it takes practice. Need more self-motivation? Check out these self-motivation tips.

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