Getting Unleashed

by Thomas C

Twinkles at sunset watching surfers

Twinkles at sunset watching surfers

Imagine the Feeling of “Getting Unleashed”
Diminutive Dog’s ambitious adventure will motivate you to develop an enlightened mindset.

Hola, long hair chihuahua here on my Latin American aventura. Mi nombre era Twinkles. Now I’m La Princesa!
Look at me lounging on my throne UNLEASHED. This tiny dog doesn’t want to wallow in a lap, I want to learn how to surf. Was chatting with los surfistas. They told me “Dogs don’t surf.” Reply back, dogs don’t get unleashed dude.
These series of ‘tails’ detail my Latin American ‘aventura.’ It empowered me to achieve aspirational goals I never thought possible. A bumpy path to get there though. If it was easy, anybody could.
First I had to accept, embrace the ‘case for change.’ Disruptive, certainly uncomfortable. Then realized solidarity was more fulfilling than isolation. Began to shed the confinement that gripped my entire life and replaced it with hope. Experienced a spectrum of events that either built self-confidence, enlightened perspective, furthered my resolve.
For once I felt safe, free, empowered.
And it’s all because I trusted, allowed resources necessary to facilitate the evolution into my life.
My stories celebrate the cornerstones of leadership, change, relationships, perseverance. They’re highly visceral, authentic. You’ll experience a range of emotions from joy to frustration.
‘Tails’ are relatable, memorable, with messages that are actionable. Might you just inspire you to …

You Can’t Go Home Again
Did the Duo Truly Get Unleashed? Achieve Their Goal of “Think Different, Think Better?”
(Picture of Twinkles staring at airplane flight route visual)
Aventura completo, a vuela, TyT regresonos EEU, reflecto, recuerda
“Wow three years young dog. We return alive.” Dad, some of your bar buddies back in Dallas were making a betting book we wouldn’t last three weeks, odds of us returning in body bags were 5-1.”
“Well philosophically whoever took the ‘body bag’ bet should be declared the winner.”
“The spirit, the mindset of Twinkles and Tom have passed on. La Princesa and Thombre de Gente have taken their place. We started Aventura with some serious flaws.”
Sure did Dad, yours were a lot worse than mine. I always hated your impatience, belligerence not to mention the prejudicial closed mind. Gracias a dios you embraced the spirit of ‘Tranquilo’ y ‘Espero.’
“Calm, Wait and Hope.”
“Recuerda when this folly started Twinkle had ZERO self-confidence. You were leashed, not ‘La Princesa’ we know and love today.”
“Aventura worked out for us both. Remember when I said, ‘Puppy in your new world you will live extraordinary life, become who you were destined to be. Do things not supposed to, do things never thought you could do. Our new home will be uncomfortable, filled with monumental adversity. Good days will be extraordinary, bad days pure agony. We BOTH have to figure it out. Apoyo y Ayude Siempre.’”
Profound change happened because we helped and supported each other, Dad. But that’s how change will do ya. It’s tough, but the intrepid don’t cower in fear. Got the RESOLVE to EVOLVE.”
Correctomundo Dad. We both have a new, enlightened perspective on everything. We do ‘think different, think better.’ “Correctomundo Puppy.”
You Can’t Go Home Again
“The guy who wrote that was a ‘Tom.’ Last name is Wolfe.” Tom Woof! I like that guy.

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