Gotta Get My Ass Out Of That Chair!

by Bill
(Aubrey, TX)

How's a girl supposed to keep her dignity?

How's a girl supposed to keep her dignity?

One day I was on a conference call in the house, and decided to get up and walk around just to stretch my legs a little. My wife was in town, so I could roam around freely with my headset on and my phone in my pocket.

From the living room, I can see out back into the pasture, where (at that time) our two horses and Lulu the donkey were grazing.

Lulu had just arrived, and was still getting used to things, including the sometimes rude behavior of Hombrecito, our gelding who thinks he's still a stallion. We had to separate them when she first arrived, since he thought it was his job to show her that he was the boss...not his most proud moment.

The photo (above) with the two of them lying down shows what happened after a day or two. When they both relaxed near each other we knew that he would be nice to her, and he was.

Anyway, back to the story. I looked out the back window and saw something white moving around in the back pasture. I could not figure out what it was, because I knew we didn't have any small white critters out there.

I stepped out the back door (still on my conference call), and walked to the back gate that led to the pasture.

Lulu's smart. She calmly, quietly walked up to me with her head down, as if to say, "This is very embarrassing. Can you please get this thing off me?"

I walked up to her calmly, still conversing with my client, and lifted the chair off of her big, floppy ears. She then walked away like it was the most normal thing in the world.

In telling the story and sharing the photo with friends later, you know how many times we heard, "You've got to get your ass out of that chair."

Life's little pleasures...thanks, Lulu!

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