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Serai: Bringing The Children Home
By William DeFoore

This book will take you on a journey into the vast and mysterious world of your own inner self, where you will love what you find!

Based on years of research and experience, this story guides you through the archetypes of your subconscious mind, helping you to integrate the various aspects of your magnificent mind and emotions into a radiant, joyful whole.

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Comments From Readers Of Serai

"I've read Serai through twice now and started on a third time. Each time becomes more personally revealing and inspiring. The childlikeness of Serai is trustworthy and vibrant with colorful detail. It touches a lot of soul, real quick!"

Steve Wilemon, an avid reader

"Serai appeared at a point in my life where fear threatened to immobilize me. The courage of the main characters on their journeys to the underworld helped me to navigate my own inner journey, and to welcome back and heal parts of myself I had never known existed."

Margie Mahoney, BS, RDH, Life Coach

“The book Serai is written in such a beautiful, magical way, with warriors and wizards and many wonderful characters. I related to all of them. Best of all it teaches you, without teaching you, how to rescue the child that you were."


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